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About Me...

My name is Qas, I'm a young ambitious photographer/director with a graphic design background coming out of Queens, New York. My forte is without a doubt photography. I've been a professional commercial photographer for 10+ years of my life. I'm also a photo major, currently going for my Bachelor's in Commercial Photography. I'm very passionate about the visual arts and being as expressive as possible. To me photography is an everlasting passion that grew on me from a young age like nothing had ever before. 

             I'm an artistic freelance photographer, specializing in portraiture, landscape, and editorial photography. My span of genres have been Events, Weddings, Fashion, Commercial/Advertising, Lifestyle, Architecture, Model Portfolios, Actors/Actresses/Musicians, Music/Promotional Videos, Concert Photography, Engagement/Maternity Sessions, Urban/Industrial/Studio Shoots, and the list literally goes on, and on.

              I love to do what I do. I'm one of the very few, fortunate people who find what they love early in life, and have the drive to pursue it. Photographer. Videographer. Graphic Designer. As many occupational hats as I'll probably wear in my lifetime, it all boils down to the art. I'm an artist.

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